5 Wardrobe Updates You Should Definitely Make in 2018

As you've probably seen from all the content we've created this year for Who What Wear UK, when we find something that works for us, we tend to wear it to death. We're all about wise investments and uncovering the kind of classics you didn't even know would last year in, year out. Just think of the uniform we both established going into our 30s. Or the way we've learnt to actually spend more on certain items that never date—like a good leather biker jacket, for example.

These kinds of wardrobe tactics don't mean we stick to the same old things—we're just as prone to wanting newness as the next girl. Hence why in the New Year, we're going to force ourselves to make some wardrobe updates based around the pieces we already love and cherish. The New Year is the perfect time to update your closet in the easiest way possible; think of what you love wearing, and look for the way that designers and stores have decided to bring that a little refresh in 2018. Or you could be lazy (yay) and just read our take on this fashion update concept. Keep scrolling to see the five things we already love and the new-season versions that are heading into our wardrobes.

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