These Are the 5 Items Everyone Has in Their Wardrobes Right Now

We know we talk a lot about different trends. Whether that's when we've spotted a few A-listers wearing identical tops or just a couple of our favourite bloggers walking around in the same pair of Mango shoes, we like to know what everyone's wearing (and why). And while this is all great anecdotal evidence, we love some hard facts now and again to tell us what everyone is really shopping. 

Edited, a startup based in the UK that tracks retail inventories, and therefore what everyone is actually buying, has revealed the five biggest trends that every woman is shopping right now. One item in particular, that will surprise no one, is that leggings continue to be extremely popular. However, we weren't quite expecting this finding.

According to the report, women's leggings have seen a "historic rise" in popularity. This confirms everything we've seen so far, from luxe leggings worn by an increasing number of A-listers to seeing them at fashion week. These are clearly the trousers du jour. As for the other four items on the list, well, we're sure you can guess what they are. In fact, you probably already have them in your wardrobe. To find out, we suggest you keep scrolling and see what they are.