The New Trend You Should Try, According to Your Star Sign

Whether you're a dedicated astrology follower or you dip into reading your horoscope when life just turns to sh*t, there is an increasing number of women who are fully behind the concept of harnessing your star sign's ability to influence and shape every facet of your life. Regular horoscopes are often mined for clues and guidance to your career, health, or love questions, but who's to say that another major day-to-day factor—that's your outward appearance and fashion sense—can't be improved or understood better with a little astrology know-how?

I turned to the woman who has answers and excellent fashion taste to boot. In fact, she's a leading voice in the Venn diagram where style and a new spirituality ("new age" if you will) overlap. Meet Ruby Warrington, a highly sought-after British journalist who is now based in L.A. and has been specialising in this particular field for almost five years. Following the extension of The Numinous, her website, into a book, Material Girl, Mystical World (£12), I knew she'd have the sensible mystically led intel to find you the new-season fashion choices that will suit you most. So let's see how your birth date will inspire your shopping list.


"Red is the colour associated with Aries, the fire-starter of the zodiac. Known for their bold approach, people born under this sign are used to being noticed for their me-first approach to life and aren't afraid to stand out from the crowd."

TAURUS: Bling Shoes

"Taurus rules over fashion, beauty and adornment, and this season's showstopping shoes are made for this luxury-loving sign. Being surrounded by sparkly trinkets is a reminder of the Taurus motto: 'Because I'm worth it.'"

LEO: Leopard Coat

"Life is one long catwalk for Leo, the sign that's most comfortable in the spotlight. A perennial fashion-industry fave, the season's leopard-print coats are perfect for turning every day into a spin across a lit-up dance floor."

GEMINI: Logo Tee

"As the chatterbox of the zodiac, Geminis have something to say about everything, and they love to be first with the gossip. This sign will love the statement slogan tees and accessories that are this season's conversation starters."

SCORPIO: Underwear as Outerwear

"Sultry Scorpio understands the art of seduction like no other and will love slipping into this season's sexy negligees. Something of a power player, this mysterious sign likes to tease—while keeping its cards close to its chest."


"Business always comes first for ambitious Capricorn, the sign on a slow and steady climb to the top. When it comes to reminding us who's boss, being suited and booted is the look they'll always gravitate towards."


"Always on the go, worldly Sagittarius lives life large and with plenty of belly laughs. A pair of hot-to-trot pull-on boots will minimize the time it takes to get out the door and will allow you to race headfirst into life's next big adventure."

PISCES: Boho Dress

"Nostalgic Pisces often has one foot in the past and tends to view the world through a pair of rose-tinted spectacles. For a sign that also likes to go with the flow, feminine boho dresses tick each and every box."

LIBRA: Velvet Tailoring

"Libra is a natural-born diplomat, the smooth operator of the zodiac, and the sign for whom life must always be beautiful. The season's sleek velvet suits are perfect for these laid-back yet aesthetically led individuals."

AQUARIUS: Feathers

"Aquarius can't bear to be boxed in and love to disrupt the status quo. Feathers are a way for them to make a quirky statement this season, bringing an element of texture and fun to the simplest of looks."

CANCER: Cosy Coat

"Comfort-loving Cancer likes nothing better than being swaddled in protective layers, and where duvet days meet high fashion is their sweet spot. The season's cosy coats are ideal for days they'd rather not have to emerge from their shell."

VIRGO: Bow and Tie Details

"It's all about the little details for Virgo, the sign with an eye for the finishing touches that perfect a look. They'll love the pretty bows and ties keeping things neat and tidy on everything from bags and shoes to statement sleeves this season."

Next up, the 17 S/S 18 fashion trends you need to know.

Opening Image: @theurbanspotter

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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