The New Trend You Should Try, According to Your Star Sign

Whether you're a dedicated astrology follower or you dip into reading your horoscope when life just turns to sh*t, there is an increasing number of women who are fully behind the concept of harnessing your star sign's ability to influence and shape every facet of your life. Regular horoscopes are often mined for clues and guidance to your career, health, or love questions, but who's to say that another major day-to-day factor—that's your outward appearance and fashion sense—can't be improved or understood better with a little astrology know-how?

I turned to the woman who has answers and excellent fashion taste to boot. In fact, she's a leading voice in the Venn diagram where style and a new spirituality ("new age" if you will) overlap. Meet Ruby Warrington, a highly sought-after British journalist who is now based in L.A. and has been specialising in this particular field for almost five years. Following the extension of The Numinous, her website, into a book, Material Girl, Mystical World (£12), I knew she'd have the sensible mystically led intel to find you the new-season fashion choices that will suit you most. So let's see how your birth date will inspire your shopping list.

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Opening Image: @theurbanspotter

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.