Whether You're 25 or 65, Here Are 8 Non-Basic Fashion Trends to Try

Dressing for your age isn't a concept I subscribe to. The wonderful thing about fashion is that it's one of the purest forms of expression, and that should never feel restrictive. As far as preaching to you about what you should and shouldn't wear when you reach a certain age, that's not what Who What Wear is or ever will be about. If you like something and it makes you feel good, then that's what you should be wearing—end of story. 

Still, I understand that there are specific items those from certain age brackets tend to gravitate towards, whether they mean to or not. For example, I wore a lot more heels in my teens and 20s than I do now in my 30s. But that's not why we're here. Instead, I want to talk about the fashion trends that typically appeal to all ages, and I'm not just talking about wardrobe basics. 

Below, I've zeroed in on the statement pieces and trends I think look great on anyone, be they 25 or 65. From the new top fashion types can't stop wearing to the modern take on perhaps the most classic piece of jewellery, all of the trends I've laid out feel distinctly 2021. Scroll on to see eight fashion trends that are worth trying at every age. 


Style Notes: In an unexpected 2021 plot twist, printed shirts—the sort dads wear on holiday—have become a breakout style star. Tucked into jeans and finished with chunky sandals, this is a swift and effective way to update your look. 


Style Notes: Sometimes, it's the littlest changes that can make the biggest difference, and that's absolutely the case when it comes to this shoe trend. Elegant but edgy, the simple squaring off of a toe will make your outfits feel much more modern. 

Fashion Trends at Every Age: @greceghanem wears a pair of white jeans



Style Notes: Once considered passé, white jeans have strode their way back up to the top of the sartorial agenda. My 53-year-old mum swore she'd never wear them, but upon my last visit, she had clearly changed her mind, wearing hers with a blue button-down shirt and tan sandals. So chic. I think she gets it from me…


Style Notes: The last thing I want to do is play to my own insecurity, but there was a time when I avoided shorts at all costs, even on holiday. Now, though, after seeing how great they look on all women, I've gotten back into them by way of Bermudas—looser-fitting shorts that sit just above the knee. 


Style Notes: There are blazers—classic, timeless, sophisticated. Then there are leather blazers—just as sophisticated, but with undeniable cool cred. I also think they look much more grown-up (in a good way) than leather bikers. 

Fashion Trends at Every Age: @handinfire wears a puff-sleeve dress



Style Notes: I introduced my grandma to puff sleeves this summer, and she told me, "I can't believe I haven't been wearing them before." Like me, she's curvy, and a puff sleeve does wonders for balancing out our bosoms. You don't need to be busty to pull them off, though. They look great on all physiques. Right now, I'm drawn towards styles in no-fuss block colours. 


Fashion Trends at Every Age: @msorrig wears a baroque pearl necklace



Style Notes: Previously considered an "old" fashion trend, pearls are now one of the chicest jewellery items out there. Baroque freshwater pearls are still the order of the day and will act as the perfect final flourish to any outfit. 


Fashion Trends at Every Age: @msorrig wears a brightly coloured outfit



Style Notes: It can be tempting to shy away from a wardrobe of colour, regardless of your age, but nothing's guaranteed to lift your spirits and sartorial stock quite like wearing them. Opt for a singular piece, like a handbag or a watch, if a full-on look feels like too much. The goal is to build yourself up to wearing as many at once as you please, just like Mette. 

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