What to Stop Wearing So Your Spring Outfits Turn Into Summer Looks

Are you a planner? A meticulous list-maker? A girl who likes to know what's missing in her wardrobe before she buys anything? Aha! This story is going to be your jam. If you're already thinking about how your spring wardrobe will segue into your summer one, we're on the same page. Outside of the obvious reasons (rooftop bars, sunbathing, rosé, alfresco dining, everyone's generally improved mood), summer is my favourite time of the year because I think it's the easiest season to get dressed during. Less layering is required (always a plus when you're 5'1'' and curvaceous), and there's always far less consideration for the blasted weather. There will be many stretches of time across the summer when throwing on a pretty dress and sliding into your favourite sandals (right now, that's Tevas) is as much effort as needed to look tip-top.

The foundations of what you'll wear when it's warmer are already in place—there's no need to ditch everything each time one of the new seasons comes around. It's more of a case of reconfiguring what's already in your closet and putting a few pieces on ice for when a colder day comes along. The same rules apply each and every summer, so there's also no huge pressure to buy anything new. All of the below suggestions will undoubtedly lie within your catalogue at home. Should you want to invest in any summery newness, I've added in some choice shopping picks that will support your spring-to-summer fashion transition. Keep scrolling…

Stop Wearing: Close-Toed Shoes

With the British weather, you'll still want to have some closed-toe shoes on standby (and you'll probably still wear trainers throughout the summer), but that moment when sandals become a legitimate and not entirely insane choice of a morning is a great one.

Start Wearing: Open-Toed Shoes

You can easily wear the same spring outfit—see Loulou and her passion for suits—but with the baton being passed to some sandals, you have a summer-ready ensemble. It's a no-brainer.

Stop Wearing: A Jacket-Less Outfit

Spring and jackets are like strawberries and cream—a beautiful combo that should never be questioned. But for all of those outfits were you sling on a blazer, denim, safari or any other chosen style of jacket, we're pretty sure it's safe to sidestep them come summertime…

Start Wearing: No Jacket At All!

That being said, you may still want to have your arms covered up if the weather is inclement or you don't want to flash too much skin.

Stop Wearing: Dark Colours 

It's easy during the winter months to slide into a dark place when it comes to your outfit choices. Black, navy, brown and grey become the norm, but it's so liberating to break free when the time feels right.

Start Wearing: Lighter Shades

For summer 2019, there's a continued love for all things beige, off-white and cream. Carry the look through if you want, but don't be afraid to venture in bright or pastel shades if that aligns better to your personal style values.

Stop Wearing: Heavy Knits

You may still need a jumper on call for those park picnic days that turn from scorching to shivering once the sun goes down, and French girls are very keen on little cardigans during the summer months, but aside from that, it's time to pack away the cashmere.

Start Wearing: Silk, Cotton or Linen Pieces

Your favourite jeans still have plenty of mileage during the summer. Just add sandals and a lighter cotton, linen or silk top to finish things off. A basket bag will never go amiss either.

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