How Many of These Fashion Status Symbols Have You Owned?

You only need to follow a handful of fashion bloggers to quickly note that the biggest fashion status symbols right now are anything Ganni, Balenciaga boots and Gucci handbags. When you look back at fashion status symbols over the past two decades, some were so hyped that it's hard to forget about them—Ugg boots, Baby G watches and Juicy Couture tracksuits, to name a few. However, there are others that you might be neglecting to remember, such as Links of London's Sweetie bracelets and YSL's Arty ring. One thing that several of these cult items have in common is that they have a lower price point, which enables more people to buy into brands that might normally be out of reach. Keep scrolling to look back at some of the biggest fashion status symbols over the past 20 years.