This £4 Accessory Is Changing the Way Cool Girls Get Dressed

There was bound to be a rebellion from one of the fashion tribes about the ugly-pretty trend losing its cool in 2016. Blame the S/S 16 collections for making coquettish full skirts and bon-bon pinks cool again. In an attempt to turn the tide back towards eccentric, off-kilter fashion, socks have been making a silent, stealth comeback.

This simple accessory is the hallmark of oddball dressing. An entire outfit can be flipped from elegant to kooky with the simple addition of a pair of weird and wonderful socks.

Prada Men's A/W 16:

We’re not simply talking about Jacko-style white socks and patent brogues (although go right ahead, you rebel), rather grey-ribbed cashmere socks worn with spring sandals or kitten heels with baggy luxe socks as seen at Prada Men's A/W 16 (the more crumpled, the better).

Chanel S/S 16:

Then the shock of the decade was at the Chanel S/S 16 show when a model appeared wearing white socks and flatform sandals, busting the myth that this combo is for grandparents on Whitby beach (or the like) only. We were stunned. Coco would be shocked.

In short, exposed fashion socks are a symbol of dressing for yourself; you’re not trying to look attractive. And as we all know, not really caring what everyone else thinks of your outfit is the coolest style sensibility of them all. Hit that sock drawer!

Scroll down to see how some fashion pros are bringing back kooky socks, then check out our sock shop at the bottom!

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