These $55 Sneakers Will Elevate Any Look

Metallic sneakers: perfect for fooling people into thinking we're more dressed up than we really are (which is key to wearing sneakers as frequently as possible). We tapped fashion girl Jill Wallace of Little Black Boots to show us how she styles her favorite pair of gold-tone kicks from Keds in order to get away with wearing them everywhere.


gold sneakers

Sneakers are a no-brainer for casual daytime looks, but Wallace says the metallic hue instantly adds a pop to her outfit. "I'm definitely a heels girl, but in the past year, I've really developed a love for sneakers," she shares. "They add an edge and casual balance to my outfits."

denim and check blazer

Accessories are clearly the key to elevating a simple denim-and–T-shirt ensemble. Wallace's checked blazer, leather hat, and structured bag further dress up the look. Add and subtract the layers depending on the occasion.


dress and sneakers

Don't be afraid to test out your kicks with a super-spring-ready floral dress. "This outfit is really playful and bold, but it doesn't make me feel like I'm trying too hard," says Wallace.

metallic sneakers

"You can literally get away with wearing them to nearly any occasion," Wallace says of the sneakers. The trick here is how you balance the look head-to-toe. A fancy dress, bag, and earrings are balanced out with the gold sneaks and messy updo.


sneakers for work

Sneakers are not to be shied away from at the office—just be sure to keep the rest of your look a bit more tailored. A longer skirt and higher neckline say, I take my job seriously, while the canary hue and on-trend polka dots say, but did you know I'm also a hoot?

sneakers and skirt

"I could have easily worn this outfit with heels, but the Keds give my look a more effortless street style feel," says Wallace. Best of all, when a co-worker asks you to get a drink after-hours, you can say yes without having to worry about your shoes.


My favorite way to wear sneakers is: "With simple floral dresses or long pants. A great way to dress them up is adding sheer ankle socks."

The secret to pulling off sneakers with any outfit is: "Don't think about it too hard. The beauty of sneakers is the effortlessness."  

You'll never regret wearing sneakers when: "You're trekking through the airport."

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