Are You a Size 4 to 12? Why You're an 'In-Betweener' in Fashion

You night remember about a month ago, when the name Myla became about as commonplace as Kate, Naomi, and Cara practically overnight. Myla Dalbesio, a size-10 model cast in Calvin Klein's latest underwear ads, was mistakenly referred to as "plus-size" in the media, and the story blew up instantaneously. 

Well, Dalbesio is still on the scene, and she's still talking about the issue—and rightfully so. Dalbesio just did a new interview with Lucky ?magazine to bring to light something that's often not really talked about in the fashion world: There are plenty of women out there that aren't straight size and aren't plus-size either, who aren't being adequately represented in fashion media. If you're between a size four and a size 12, you're what's now being referred to as an "in-betweener."

"It has been hard. I can never figure out where I fit in, and I’m always making someone mad," Dalbesio tells Lucky magazine in a new interview. "I’m not skinny-skinny, but I’m not fat and fabulous either. I’m a size 10. There’s been a whole public outcry about me not being as big people think I should be. They say, ‘What do you have to complain about? You have a great body.’ But if you’re a size 6 or 10, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to see yourself represented too."

We have to agree with Dalbesio on this point; while plus-size models are increasingly getting more work, and straight-size models are overrepresented everywhere, it's those in-between sizes that don't get as much love. What do you think of this discussion? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!