How to Use Eclipse Season to Your Fashion Advantage, According to Astrologers

When we caught wind of the fact that our favourite astrologers—the super-cute and always accurate AstroStyle twins, Ophira and Tali Edut—were teaming up with chic Los Angeles–based e-shop The Dreslyn to curate an edit of eclipse season–friendly clothes and accessories, we had lots of questions. How does the eclipse season affect our wardrobes? Is this time for a style transformation? Or would any rash changes be a very bad idea?

So we caught up with the sisters to chat through the style moves you should and shouldn't make during the next few weeks. They explained The Dreslyn selection "pulls in the perfect balance of romance and restraint. With softer, poetic hues (pinks, white, silvers… Think a mermaid’s shell) it has that under-the-sea feel of a Pisces solar eclipse while retaining the classic sophistication and balance that the Libra lunar eclipse casts a vote for."

Scroll down to see how you can harness the power of the universe in your wardrobe!

"With the eclipses in creative Pisces (9 March) and fashion-hound Libra (23 March), we’ll be inspired to pay more attention to our appearances. The moon rules our emotions, so retail therapy urges will be strong under the influence of these eclipses."

"With those shopping urges in mind, save the receipts and check the return policies because eclipse decisions can be hasty and even questionable. We might realize we purchased something for its sheer beauty rather than how flattering it is when worn."

"Since eclipses reveal shadows, we could be emboldened to dabble with a new style or even unearth a fashion alter ego! Pisces is a theatrical sign and Libra is romantic, so our closets could certainly become more colourful." 

"This is actually a great time to shop for romantic pieces like date-night outfits and eveningwear. The lunar eclipse on 23 March is in Libra, a sign that loves balance and symmetry. Time to try a soft trouser suit or a maximalist pattern that goes from head-to-toe like a long, '70s-style dress."

"Only have a wardrobe cleanse if you’re 100% sure you want to let certain pieces go. With the eclipse in nostalgic Pisces, it might be hard to part ways with anything that has sentimental value, so it’s probably better to just wait until after the eclipses for that. Or, if you’re going to clear out, donate the nicer pieces to loved ones who could use them or to a charity since the Pisces eclipse can inspire altruism."

"If you’re going to rock the sheer panels or wear something a bit more risqué, perhaps save it for after work hours. The boundary-blurring Pisces eclipse has made many people a little foggy about appropriateness." 

What tips will you take on board? Let us know in the comments box below…

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