5 Quick Fixes for Your Most Irritating Style Problems

Running late? On a budget? No need to explain. Today, we’re sharing five quick and easy solutions for annoying wardrobe hassles.

Scroll through for our smart and speedy fashion fixes. 

Problem: Your pants are too long.



Quick Fix #1: Before you take your pants to the tailor, try an at-home styling solution like cuffing the extra fabric. This no-cost trick makes for a confidently undone look. 

Quick Fix #2: There’s no shame in applying a bit of double-sided tape to get the job done! 

Problem: Your new shoes are too tight.


Coco and Silk

Quick Fix #1: Wear the shoes with a pair of socks while you get ready; then, right before you head out, blast them with heat using your hairdryer.

Quick Fix #2: Tape your toes! Head here to see why this crazy trick works.

Problem: Your top is wrinkled and there’s no time to iron.


My French Muse

Quick Fix: Use your hair straightener. The tool takes less time to heat up and does a great job of reducing light wrinkles.

What’s your favourite fashion fix for when you’re in a rush? Let us know in the comments below!

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