Prediction: These 7 Trends Will Be Massive In 2017

Things are looking up for 2017: The S/S 17 collections are full of life, prompting new fashion ideals and fresh trends to present themselves. Cult brands are born in minutes thanks to social media, while seasonal shopping has received a full shakedown (really, who wants to shop for a winter coat in the height of summer?).

Designers, stylists and publications are looking outside of the box at every turn: This is a time where gender fluidity has been fully embraced and less predictable models and muses are being adopted by high fashion circles. It's a time where (almost) everything can be personalised and tailored to you, where cookie cutter style need not apply and being unique—and oh-so-true to one's self—comes above all other desires. 

So how does this translate into the more tangible things? Like, what are you actually going to wear on repeat next year? Which new fashion labels are set to make all in-tune radars bleep off-the-hook? Who and what are we all going to be obsessing over? So. Many. Questions. That's why we turned to some industry leaders—from the influencer world through to A-list stylists and esteemed editors—to gather some reliable inside intel.

Keep reading to see what these style oracles predict will be the biggest fashion trends of 2017…