6 Secret Habits of Women Who Always Look Cool

All stylish people have something in common: They consistently churn out effortlessly chic looks. Turn to any blogger, editor, or stylist and you’ll spot a seriously perfect outfit. But how does the fashion crowd have such wardrobe success? Easy. They all have a morning routine they stick to in order to ensure their looks are on point.

Interested in tapping into their secrets? Keep scrolling to check out what six fashion girls do in private to look their absolute best in public. Plus, go a bit further to shop It girl–inspired must-haves.

“When you wake up in the morning, decide on that one item you really want to wear, whether it be specific pants, shoes, lipstick, etc. Plan your outfit around it and it’ll give you a definite uplift all day." — Erica Choi, digital art director, Barneys

“I like to style a few looks, snap photos, and add to an ‘Outfits’ folder of my phone. This keeps me organized and stress free when selecting an outfit each day and exercises my creativity through making multiple looks.” — Devon Cruse, blogger, Devon Rachel

“I always take a minute to have a last look at my entire outfit from head to toe. That way there is a second to remove or change an item that may not work.” — Taye Hasberry, blogger, Stuff She Likes

“I always get up around two hours before I have to leave the house. I like to take my time in the morning. I can get dressed quickly, but I like to give myself a bit of time to think about the day and what I want to wear! It helps if I rush I always end up wearing something I don’t feel good in!”— Kate Foley, stylist and creative consultant

“A new thing I am doing that I started in the New Year was to plan the entire week’s worth of outfits on Sunday. I work out almost every morning, and so I usually am going straight from the gym to the office. That means I have to know what I am taking with me the night before because picking out an outfit at 6:30 a.m. is never pretty. I love to plan so I have a note in my phone that says ‘Monday’ and then included every detail, down to the shoes and bag I will wear to the coat.” — Danielle Prescod, accessories editor, InStyle

6. Text your friends to plan your outfit.



“I try to remember to text my friends before going out to make sure we’re not wearing the same thing! Sometimes I forget, and this [the above] happens.”— Lauren Edelstein, style director, Shopbop

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What’s the one secret thing you do when you’re putting together an outfit? We want to know. Let us know in the comments below!

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