The Unexpected Shopping Trend in Every Store Right Now

NYFW has officially started, and fashion month is in full swing. Stores are stocking up on the latest must-haves (one of which we weren't expecting, but it's seriously taking hold—just read up on it below), and designers, street style stars and FROW-goers are providing even fresher ideas to add to your must-remember style list. Here's all you need to know now, so that you can wax lyrical on the latest moving and shaking when you're brunching with your in-the-know crowd...

Just what is going on with all the sequins? Shops are unexpectedly bursting with them, and although we're nowhere near festive season, it turns out there are still many ways to way the new sparkle.

Meet your new buzzword: hygge. What does it mean? Well, it's all about being really cosy—a Swedish trend that's infiltrating beauty circles and making girls happier, as reported by

New York Fashion Week, aka Kardashian-Jenner Fashion Week, started with a whiz-bang. Kanye's latest Yeezy show had everyone talking about how to walk in high heels—just watch this video.

Talking of Kim Kardashian West, this week, we almost morphed into a mini-me of the star. It was all down to our editorial director giving one of her most noticeable new trend obsessions—the corset—a trial for an entire week. Here's how she dealt with the extremes of #corsetlife.

We don't know about you, but how ready do you feel for autumn to come? To be fully prepped, we've been swotting up on the major trends for A/W 16 and spending some time crafting a rather handy shopping guide.

Everyone went totally loco for H&M this week—and we can't blame them. From the almost instant selling out of their catwalk Studio line through the amazing must-have premium pieces we'd never spotted before, suffice to say our love for the store is growing.

Who knew Guy Ritchie was involved in fashion films? Ted Baker snapped him up for this ingenious shoppable mini movie titled Mission Impeccable!

And finally, we can't wait to see Victoria Beckham's New York show tomorrow. She's been spotted out and about this week wearing some rather decidedly casual—and out-of-character—ensembles, so are we in for a very relaxed fashion offering from the designer?

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Opening Image: Style du Monde

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