The Shoes Every 30-Something Should Own by Now


Style Snooper Dan

Shoes: Is there a more endlessly and hotly debated topic in fashion? We think not: From the bizarre rules people have on wearing socks with sneakers through to the constant chatter that high heels are dying out, we're fascinated by what goes on our lucky feet. In fact, you could treat yourself and check out these expensive-looking Zara shoes

This week, our Australian Who What Wear counterparts drilled down into what makes up a grown girl's shoe wardrobe, locating the exact styles that every 30-something-year-old should have nailed by now. But that's not the only important news for your wardrobes—keep reading to see the moving and shaking that's made the fashion press recently…

1. Our collective jaws dropped when H&M revealed the entire Kenzo collaboration lookbook. You've got to wait until November 3 to shop the lot, but check it out and get your shopping list prepped well in advance.

2. It's not just clothes you need for autumn—what about a new beauty look? Let super-blogger Doina Ciobanu guide you in the direction of the coolest new lip trend. [Byrdie UK]

3. If you've been having a seasonal clear out, well done. However, now you need to know where to sell your unwanted stuff, right?

4. Denim trends come and go, but this recent one has seen a 140% surge in searches online. Which means you need to pay attention.

5. Getting Parisian-tinged boho just via high street clothes? Sounds like a dreamy shopping opportunity worth checking out.

6. Talking of the high street, our inside sources revealed some BIG news to us. These are the pieces every buyer, PR and sales person predicts will sell out before they've barely hit the shop floor.

7. Our Victoria Beckham love knows no bounds. And so, we put in the time and effort to work out the subtle styling tricks she does that make all the difference. You're welcome.

Now that you're armed with plenty of chit-chat for the weekend, you can work out what to wear to brunch.

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