Trust Alexa Chung to Wear the Perfect No-Fuss Party Outfit

Party season is fast approaching, and with it refreshed style rules, new labels and trends to boot. This week has felt particularly focused on after-dark attire thanks to everything dropping into stores with a big sequin-heavy bang, and the sheer amount of A-list events that have been notching up eveningwear outfit ideas by the dozen.



While party dresses are all well and good, we were a little relieved to see Alexa Chung in the above look from Dior—it's the way we want to dress up our regular jeans after dark without going to too much effort. Our most esteemed arbiter of taste did it again.

If you've missed more of the week's best looks and news tidbits, then we'd suggest reading on to get clued up…

1. We received important intel from ASOS. These five key (and very new) party pieces are selling like hotcakes already, so fix up, look sharp.

2. But that's not the only interesting development for the festive season. There are signs pointing towards a decline in girls choosing dresses

3. It wasn't just party gear going wildthis Mango coat has been adopted by every Instagram star we know.

4. For anyone who loves to indulge in a little nostalgia, the arrival of an exhibition dedicated to Princess Diana's best frocks may cause some excitement.

5. Ever really learned how to do your brows? The experts over at Byrdie UK reveal the mistakes we all too commonly make.

6. The current penchant for a controversial trouser trend is reaching an all-time high. See the provocative pants every cool girl is wearing right now.

7. And, finally, the first (potential) clue towards Pippa Middleton's wedding dress revealed itself: Could this designer sighting lead to the answer?

Next up, the best designer bags of the year for you to ogle.

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