While You Were Working: This Week's Best Style News in Brief

Rain. Sun. Rain. Sun. Just what in holy haute handbags is going on with the weather? With the start of Cannes, we can't help but feel summery (especially when you look at these vintage images), but there's an undeniable British-ness in the air right now, meaning we're still finding the idea of wearing such things as white jeans in the city, or investing in a killer pair of new sandals, a little bit tricky.

But fashion news powers on no matter the climate, and this week there's been some high-profile moments. Keep reading to find out what has piqued our interest over the past few days…

1. We have been dreaming about summer days and holiday dressing. In the process, we discovered the most amazing place to shop, BeachFlamingo.com.

2. Our Alexa Chung obsession reached a new level when we started stalking all of the cool girls on her Instagram feed as well. 

3. Kate Moss has introduced another It item into our repertoire: These simple shoes are set to become iconic.

4. The shift into warmer weather makes one consider the big reveal, aka baring our legs. Thankfully, Byrdie's columnist Laura Whitmore has the answers for an easy transition.

5. Kim Kardashian, who is usually drowning in Balmain, chose a £48 dress for a balmy night in Cuba, and we have to admit, she looked spectacular. 

6. Zara has experienced yet another runaway success with this £50 buy!

7. And finally, if you're looking for a quick fix to up your fashion game this weekend, we'd suggest checking out these five fresh ways to remix your T-shirt collection, by Leomie Anderson.

What's on your radar right now? Let us know in the comments box below…

Opening Image: Neil Mockford/Getty Images. Outfit credit: Vintage jacket; Vintage Thea Porter dress. 

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