While You Were Busy: All the Important Style News You Need to Know This Week



Victoria Beckham made a change from her usual monochrome uniform. 

Summer is sort of here. We'd love to say there's been glorious sunshine all week, but instead we experienced a week of rain, thunderstorms and the occasional bit of sun. However, despite the less-than-ideal weather, there have been some wonderful things happening in the world of fashion to cheer us up. From our guide to dressing in the city during the summer to the most shocking thing we've seen Victoria Beckham wear since her Spice Girls days, we've rounded up the best style stories this week. Keep reading to learn about the fashion news stories you need to know about this week. 

Victoria Beckham just wore a whole load of yellow—well, we've never seen her dress like this before. We like.

The rocker T-shirt has made its triumphant return. Take a look at Selena Gomez and our favourite fashion bloggers rocking, ahem, this £25 trend.

While we're battling quite a bit of rain, that doesn't mean it's not warm in the UK. Here's what London girls *really* wear when it's hot.

Style icons in the making, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin have just confirmed a lot of things in this one photo.

Over on Byrdie, Daisy Lowe reveals her festival style, the importance of perfume, and why she'll definitely be wearing earplugs when camping.

Love the summer but don't like flashing flesh? One editor discusses her quest to stay covered up in summer.

Popsugar UK just confirmed something we already suspected about dressing for the warm weather— you will always need a pair of denim shorts. Proof: Chrissy Teigen's take on the trend.

Finally, want to take a peek behind the scenes at the Michael Kors party? Über-blogger Camille Charrière gives us the inside scoop. Watch her full Snapchat video.

So there you have it. A bite-sized debrief on the moving and shaking you need to know about. Tell us what you're excited about in the comments box below.

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