While You Were Working: It Boots, It Bags, It Girls and It Collabs


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No wonder Taylor Hill's giving the thumb's up: Every fashion and beauty brand is after her right now.

What a fashion-filled week it's been! From new It bags (and not the ones you'd expect) through to must-have designer boots finally landing in store, A-listers having super-luxe, amazingly outfitted holiday jaunts, and high-street collaborations revealing themselves, it would have been easy to miss some key happenings if your finger wasn't firmly on the pulse 24/7. And, well, we'd forgive you for having to concentrate at work occasionally, rather than going on a shopping rampage thanks to our 50-strong payday gallery

So if you've been snowed under and want to gen-up in 60 seconds, we've herded the key fashion news snippets for you. Read on…

Taylor Hill is set for major stardom: She scooped up the Topshop campaign (following in Gigi, Karlie and Bella's footsteps) and was recently also signed by Lancôme. Not bad.

Beyoncé's stage outfits are phenomenal, yes, but we do really love it when she's on holiday and snapping OOTDs like nothing else. Check out her print clash extravaganza in France.

Over at Byrdie UK, the beauty team discovered the most incredible facial ever. Learn all about the DNA facial and prepare to have your life changed.

The latest must-have bag? Not as traditional as you may think. It's all about the Jane Birkin–style basket—and this is where you can buy them.

We've found Isabel Marant's latest must-have. Expect to see these new ankle boots on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley any day now…

Carrie Bradshaw is still an icon for many—one journalist writes about her continued love-in with the fictional writer and her fabulous wardrobe.

Ever wanted to know where Bella Hadid gets her cool style from? We tracked down her stylist, and this comes with a warning: You're going to follow her every move on Instagram.

Talking of warnings, just try and tear yourself away from Zara's new TRF collection. The sister (cheaper) line has really grown up and looks phenomenal.

Oh, and if you've been debating the braless movement going on in fashiontown, Kendall Jenner has some sage advice for you.

So there you have it, ladies! News to share with your dinner party pals tonight—and don't forget to shop from the most gorgeous 50 new-in pieces.

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