Bye Bye Designer Buys? A-Listers Are Being So Thrifty Right Now

We don't know why our favourite celebs are being so darn thrifty right now, but we going to embrace it wholeheartedly. This past week has been a non-stop feed of gobsmackingly great fashion moments which, without hesitation, we could actually afford to replicate for ourselves. 



We've witnessed Rosie Huntington-Whiteley scoop up yet another excellent choice from Reformation—her pink Ola Top (£96) is now practically engrained in our brains—but there's also been Alicia Vikander shopping the Finery sale, Rihanna and Kendall picking up the same statement jacket from an affordable Scandi brand, Olivia Palermo wearing yet another knockout dress from Self-Portrait and Hailey Baldwin highlighting a hot new high street label that's literally just launched. Phew. It's been a frenzied few days of shopping to say the least.

Here's what happened in fashion's other news this week...

Ever wondered what sunglasses suit your face shape? This handy how-to guide will help out.

We discovered that all Aussie girls are currently wear one outfit combination—and we're into it. The two-step pairing will definitely sit in line with your summer fashion plans.

Tights have never been comfortable or desirable, but this week we uncovered a seriously genius brand that could well change your mind.

The most amazing Sex and the City Instagram account popped up. You must check it out.

So bleaching eyebrows has become the norm in A-list and model circles, but here's what happens when a real girl did it herself.

It's been 15 whole years since Legally Blonde first hit our screens. Can you believe? Also, can you believe how much the colour pink has shifted in the fashion psyche?

So there you have it, style snippets to chat about this weekend. Just about enough time to shop your new summer look from these 14 top-notch outfits.

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