While You Were Working: The Week's 30-Second Style News Digest



This week's fashion news revolved around powerful women: from Beyoncé to Rihanna and the Ab Fab crew to Alexa Chung. We discovered a new It girl who has more than just great outfits on her side, investigated why one of the industry's biggest trends will always be popular, and took some sage styling advice from the streets in order to get spring-ready in next-to-no time. 

Keep reading to get the scoop on what's happened this week…

1. Beyoncé's Lemonade could be felt the world around. Everyone buzzed over every element—from her political statements to her fashion credentials, lyrical compositions, and chosen weaves. 

2. Another (albeit far less serious) film also captured our imaginations: Watch Eddy and Patsy once again take on the fashion industry in the new trailer for Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie.

3. And speaking of the industry, this week style journos spoke out about what they wish they'd known about the fashion business before getting into it. Including the fact that not *everyone* wears designer gear head-to-toe, all day, every day. Promise.

4. For those of you feeling frazzled (hi, bank holiday weekend!), Millie Mackintosh provided the formula for balancing work and life, thanks to her Byrdie UK column.

5. Meanwhile, Rihanna was no doubt having a little LOL to herself as her Fenty by Puma fur slides got restocked for the second time. Who would've called it? Oh yes, we did.

6. Following two weekends of Coachella, we decided to drill down into why boho fashion remains forever popular. The results were very interesting indeed.

7. However: There is one element of the hippy look that we learnt Alexa Chung will definitely not be wearing. Do you agree with her?

So there you have it! Bite-sized nuggets of style gold you can talk about this weekend. Let us know what piqued your interest in the comments box below…

Opening Image: @beyonce

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