How to Get Your Too-Tight Jeans to Fit



Denim: A source of great joy and great evil at the very same time. We have received stats that show leggings are in fact overtaking the amount of sales of denim for the first time—and we can understand why. The current penchant for zero-stretch jeans of the 1990s and 1980s variety can be a royal pain in the proverbial bottom when you're having a less-than-favourable day in the buttoning-up department. But this can be solved with a very simple, very clever hack. Keep reading to find out the secret to fitting into your jeans, and then carry on to get the rest of this week's fascinating fashion updates…

1. Along with 13 other ingenious wardrobe hacks, our Australian Who What Wear team has discovered this incredible way to fit into too-tight jeans. [Who What Wear AU]

2. Just how cool are London girls? "Very" is the answer. Especially when you see the incredibly hip ladies we photographed on the street this week.

3. We learnt that the "Rachel" is subtly influencing girls in the hairdressers again. It's ALL about layers in 2016. [Byrdie UK]

4. The world went every kind of crazy for H&M (again). It was because the brand released the entire lookbook (all 115 pieces) for the Kenzo collaboration—out on November 3. 

5. It wasn't just H&M piquing our interest on the high street. We took a trip down Zara's memory lane to recall the items that fashion lovers across the globe bought and wore to death.

6. This week Dianna Agron really cemented her place in the fashion crowd—by wearing not one, but two incredible dresses for her Moroccan wedding.

7. And we finally decoded the style brilliance of Olivia Palermo. These 19 style tips wrap up all of the actions any girl can take on her wardrobe to be more like the icon on a daily basis.

Now that you're fully clued up, educate your shopping basket with our edit of what to buy now from the new-in sections.

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