Want to Know Which Australian Fashion Blogger We're All Obsessed With?


Chronicles of Her

As much as we'll obsess over London street style, seek out the essence of French fashion or unashamedly copy-and-paste a large number of looks from Scandinavia, we're always keen to see what's going on in Australia. This is a nation of seriously die-hard fashion fans, and we agree with our global teams when we say this: Carmen Hamilton's site, Chronicles Of Her, is seriously up there within the list of the world's most inspiring bloggers. From her helpful how-tos to her perfectly assembled, super-neat ensembles, her content has us hooked.

That's not our only major discovery of the week, keep reading for the fashion news you may have missed from the past few days…

1. What sells every FIVE seconds? This accessory.

2. Turns out Hillary Clinton's choice of purple during her concession speech really does mean something. See if you can you guess what her tailoring said

3. Question: How do you wash your face? According to Byrdie UK, there are multiple mistakes we're all making—but they can be fixed! Phew.

4. The hippest party outfit for this season got confirmed. By Jenna Lyons, no less.

5. We went into the heart of Topshop HQ and discovered some pretty incredible things. Here's what its in-house personal stylists dress like and rate on the rails.

6. Winter is no longer coming, it's 100 per cent here. So if you've avoided buying a coat, stop lying to yourself. It's cold; here are the best pieces of outerwear to deal with the news.

7. Did you know Audrey Hepburn wore leggings too? We found out because we decided to research the history of this most humble item.

8. With design houses like Gucci looking to be more sustainable in the future, we delved into the complicated world of eco fashion—and found these incredible brands you can shop already.

9. Turns out M&S does more than great Christmas hampers at this time of year. Seriously, have you SEEN the party shoes?

10. And talking of the festive period, our present-buying panic has now fully set in. If you're in the same scary boat, get to grips with our Christmas gift guide of pieces that will win you extra brownie points.

Now you're all clued up, take a moment to appreciate these new blogger outfits we're into.

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