Fashion's Most Powerful Reveal Their New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Eve might still technically be more than a week away, but chances are you started thinking about your resolutions a while ago. The societal pressure to make yourself a better person in the coming year isn't exactly subtle; we're told we should try to lose weight, become more organised, step it up at work, and so on.

Well, we're in the mood to re-energise our own approach to New Year's resolutions, and we think there's no better place to turn to than some of fashion's most formidable names. We asked some of the industry's top talent to share their resolutions for 2016, and the elevated nature of their goals came as no surprise to us.

Keep scrolling to read the New Year's resolutions of some of fashion's most powerful names!

Hillary Kerr, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of CMG Clique Media Group

“I believe in having happy, aspirational resolutions rather than punitive, parsimonious ones, as I am much more likely to keep the fun ones. So on that note, my New Year’s resolution is to plan a few mini vacations in 2016.”

Anita Ko, Founder of Anita Ko

“To enjoy dinner without looking at my iPhone once.”

Michael Saiger, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Miansai

“To start flossing daily.”

Shiona Turini, Freelance Fashion Editor and Stylist

“I try to avoid making New Year’s resolutions, because I think you can make a resolution or goal at any point during your life, on any given day. BUT every year I tell myself I plan to drink more water and to travel more for pleasure and not just for work. I don’t think we take enough advantage of this great big world we live in, and I want to see the world, learn about new cultures, and just enjoy the experience without it having to be associated with work. Also, call my parents more.”

Robert Denning, Founder and Creative Director for Westward Leaning

“Make no new friends. I know that might sound horrible, but I am serious: I want to focus on not neglecting all my current friends and family before allowing myself to forge new relationships. I am so blessed to have good friends in my life, and I want to avoid the distractions of what's new from what's permanent and meaningful. So hello, high school and college friends and blasts from the past—2016 is all about you.”

Ilana Kugel, Creative Director and Designer of Koral

“I typically don’t make New Year’s resolutions, as I set goals for myself throughout the year, but I definitely want to make time to travel more in the New Year to get inspiration for upcoming seasons!”

Christina Bryant, Founder and CEO of St. Frank

“Learn to cook one new recipe a month from the countries where we source—Mexico, Morocco, Peru, etc.—and host friends for themed dinner parties! I did not make enough time to entertain this past year, and it’s one of my favourite things to do!”

Angela Scott, Designer of The Office of Angela Scott

“At the risk of sounding cliché, my resolution this year is about self-discovery and wellness. Health is the only thing that is genuinely your own. I want to give myself more time in 2016 to focus on what health means to me and how that can help me live cleaner, more focused, and vibrant. Overall I just want to be a more kickass version of myself in 2016.”

Jac Cameron, Design Director and Co-Founder of AYR

“Spend more focused time creating mindfully.”

Maggie Winter, Brand Director and Co-Founder of AYR

“Make cool stuff, be good to people.”

Michelle Campbell, Founder and Designer of Michelle Campbell Jewelry

“Patience. Remember you can always learn something from everybody.”

Ippolita Rostagno, Founder and CEO of Ippolita

“My New Year's resolution is to visit a country I have never traveled to before, to see something like the Scandinavian fjørds or aboriginal New Zealand. You never know where your next idea is hiding.”

Tanya Becker, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Physique 57

“Meditate once a day.”

Theresa Ebagua, Founder and Designer of Chelsea Paris

“Next year, I want to focus on changing the way I make people feel about themselves. My New Year’s resolution is to trust and empower those around me.”

Charlotte Cho, Co-Founder and Curator of Soko Glam and Author of The Little Book of Skin Care

“To have a better work/life balance because stress can do a number on your skin! Stress can make a significant impact on your overall health and can even result in breakouts and premature aging. Stress releases hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol and high levels of these hormones for a prolonged period of time weakens the epidermal barrier, increases oil production, and even delays wound healing. Definitely good reasons to work on that work/life balance!”

What’s your approach to New Year's resolutions? Share yours in the comments below!