7 Throw-On Outfits Fashion Girls Lived in Last Month

Fashion month has now finished, and what's left is a folder on my desktop with approximately 5000 street style images in it. At fashion week, you see people in the most elaborate creations imaginable (I once saw someone wearing an actual wet suit on the front row, minus snorkel and goggles).

Amongst the ridiculous stilettos and evening gowns, you'll see a lot of practical, easy-to-throw-on outfits (this is because the schedule runs from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., so people want to look put-together in as little time as possible). After looking through street style images from NYC, London, Milan and Paris, there are seven throw-on outfits in particular that the fashion crowd wore again and again and again.

They're as snooze-friendly as a tracksuit but will look like you've spent the morning leisurely planning your outfit over a matcha latte. If you're after a ready-made outfit, trouser suits and a boilersuit are always winners. There are also some double acts that are your best friends in the morning (namely a dress, a blazer, ankle boots and a pleated midi skirt).

Keep scrolling to see the seven throw-on outfits that fashion girls lived in last month.

1. Jumper Minidress + Boots

This outfit was particularly popular in London, as, let's face it: This is the city where we really embrace the throw-on-and-go vibe. Wear oversized, boxy knits with bare legs and boots made for stomping. 

A trouser suit looks really polished but is actually what fashion people wear on those days where they have approximately two minutes to get ready and no time to think about what goes with what. 

3. Jumpsuit

You don't get much more throw-on than a boilersuit. Fashion girls were wearing these in New York, London, Paris and Milan with sandals or ankle boots. 

4. Boots Tucked Into Jeans

If you want to make your jeans and blazer look feel more fashion-forward, then tuck your denim into a pair of knee-high boots. These Arket ones are a personal fave.

5. Knitted Midi Dress

Looking for a winter version of your go-to floral tea dress? The easiest dress to wear in winter is a knitted midi or tunic dress. It's also seriously comfortable too. 

6. Khaki Trousers + Jumper

The fashion crowd has fallen back in love again with trousers. We saw a lot of editors and buyers wearing khaki pants with a matching or similar-hued knit.

This is one of our favourite double acts of 2019: a blazer paired with a pleated midi skirt. A no-brainer that looks put together every single time. 

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