The 15 Most Clever, On-Point, and Important Fashion Lyrics Ever

It’s no secret: Music and fashion have long been intertwined. Even before the arrival of music videos in the early 80s (thanks for that one, MTV), musicians have long tied their attire to their craft . (David Bowie circa the entire ‘70s, anyone?) And not only do musicians often let their music influence their sartorial choices, but they often reference fashion in their music—now maybe more than ever. 

From A$AP Rocky’s list of designer gear in “Fashion Killa” to Kanye West’s seemingly endless references to Hermès and Margiela, musicians seem to be fairly style-obsessed. To pay homage to the special relationship between the two worlds, we did some deep digging to come up with our favourite fashion references in music history.

Keep scrolling to see 15 of our favourite fashion-related lyrics of all times!


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