5 Surprising Fashion Tricks From the Stylists Behind Jessica Alba

When it comes to knowing the best way to stock up our closets for just about any occasion, there’s no one we’d rather turn to than celebrity stylists Emily Current and Meritt Elliott. But this week, we picked their brains on something slightly different: the true insider tricks they’ve learned from years of working with stars like Jessica Alba, Emma Roberts, and more.

Below, find five mind-blowing fashion tricks culled from their years of experience! 


As you all know, fit is key, and as stylists we learn that even taking up the hem of your pants three-quarters of an inch can add three inches to your silhouette! Know what is flattering and works on your body, and tailor things to those specifications. Get to know the tailor at your local dry cleaner, or better yet, invest in a sewing machine and do it yourself.


While we all read the fashion dos and dont's, they are all subjective—the most important rule is to have fun and dress for your mood. Things that don’t look good on one person look fantastic on someone else, so wear whatever looks good on you!  


No need to invest in a new wardrobe each season when sunglasses, handbags, and shoes are a great place to try out things like neon or bold ‘60s prints.  


The right bra or undies can transform a dress. Invest in nude and black seamless underpinnings, and do not fear Spanx—they are not always necessary, but sometimes they simply make the outfit look better.


Believe it or not, we usually put clients in shoes a half size too big but filled with a bounty of shoe pads. Your feet swell as you are standing on them throughout the night, and planning ahead with extra room and extra padding is a lifesaver. It’s hard to have fun with throbbing feet!  

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