6 Fashion Things You Should Stop Wasting Your Money On

We’d like to think we’re always smart with our money, but c’mon… Even the most fiscally responsible among us can slip up from time to time (re: daily lattes). But there are simple ways to ensure you’re saving your coins and not spending frivolously—at least in fashion.

Below, we’re highlighting the six fashion things you should immediately stop wasting your money on.

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Sure, that $30 top from Zara may seem affordable, but if it's not unique and you're really only going to wear it once, what a waste, right? You might as well put that $30 toward something you really want and will wear a few times.

Before you buy anything, check the fabric description first. If the garment is made of non-manmade fabrics, it's best to spend very little, because it will ultimately fall apart. Go for silk or cotton, and avoid fabrics like rayon and polyester.

It's easy to spend way too much cash on dry cleaning just because you think an item needs to be dry-cleaned, when in reality, it may not (i.e., hand-washing suffices). For more specific tips, check out this guide on 10 easy ways to save money on dry cleaning.

Never walk into a flea market or vintage shop without trying to haggle a bit—you'd be surprised how much money you'll save. The trick is to go down in price just enough where it's significant for you, but not crazy significant for the sellers—you don't want to insult them. For example, if a top is priced at $20, ask if they'd take $15.

It's easy to drop serious dough on a designer item that's priced high because it's a designer item—unless of course you'd wear it over and over again for years to come. If that luxury item doesn't really speak to you and it won't enhance your wardrobe, skip it.

Those fanciful heels may be beautiful, but if they kill your feet, chances are you'll never wear them. Such a waste of money! Make sure you test them out in the store before you buy them. This goes beyond just trying them on and standing up, however. Ask the salesperson if you can take a few laps around the store to ensure they work for you.

Reformation Charlotte Dress ($138)

Zara Hand Made Waistcoat ($169)

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