13 New Fashion Instagram Accounts To Follow This Month

Amongst our neverending search for the newest street style outfits, runway trends, and fashion tips, making sure your Instagram feed is chalk full with the best of the best tops our list of priorities. As such, we culled 13 new accounts for you to follow this month. 

Scroll down for 13 fresh Instagram accounts to follow, and be sure to tune in next month for a new batch!

Carlotta Oddi

As fashion assistant to Anna Dello Russo, one could only expect Oddi's Instagram to be full of fun accessories, bright prints, and adventurous travels. 

Candela Novembre

We instantly fell in love with the Italian model's aesthetically pleasing curation of all things travel, tropical, and style.

Larissa Hofmann

Aside from the fact that her looks are practially jaw-dropping, this model has a knack for capturing (and creating) special moments.

Alexandra Golovanov

This French journalist and TV host has the whole lifestyle, food, and fashion coverage down pat.

Leila Yavari

As fashion director of Stylebop.com, we're always excited to check out Yavari's latest fashion acquisitions. 


Linda Tol

Linda Tol of Believe In Pink is one to watch, you heard it here first.

Marie Myrhøj Jensen

We've been longtime fans of Jensen's distinct style, and her Instagram is the perfect extension to her blog, Nemesis, Babe.

Meruyert Ibragim

Follow this chic publisher of Buro 24/7 for a daily feed of fun fashion happenings.

Michelle Elie

Elie's mesmerising snaps of exotic locations, stylish throwbacks, and intriguing editorials are enough to whet anyone's creative appetite.

Natasha Goldenberg

Chic mother-to-be, designer, and stylist—sounds like the perfect Instagram recipe if you ask us.


Vika Gazinskaya

We'd be lying if we said her enviable freckles weren't what caught our attention, but shortly upon discovering her amazing Instagram, we immediately fell in love with the Russian designer.

Yasmin Sewell

Visit this style-setter's Instagram for a healthy dose of style, cute babies, adventuruous escapes, and of course, the occasional selfie!

Yoyo Cao

If you appreciate a solid lay flat shot, wildly cool clothes, pictures of yummy food, then let's just say, follow Cao.

What's YOUR Instagram account? Share your handles in the comments below!