I Asked 6 Women With Incredible Skin for the Products They Swear By

Day in, day out we scroll through Instagram to make sure we’re bringing you the most up to date fashion and beauty trends (it’s a hard life, but someone’s got to do it). From the most talked-about products and new drops to the best advice, the social media platform is our favourite place to find out what people in the know are actually using. 

That’s why, when we decided to compile a list of the best beauty products out there, we thought who better to ask than the women we always stop and ogle? The ones who get sent product after product and have tried and tested them all. That may be why every time we see them, through the app or in real life, we can’t quite get over how amazing their skin looks. We had to know their secrets. 

Ahead, I asked six fashion girls what their absolute favourite, desert island, can’t-live-without beauty products were. This is what they said…

Renata Jazdzyk 

"A good eye cream is essential, and this one goes everywhere with me. I have been using for a while now and I absolutely love it. It aims to fight visible signs of ageing around the eye area, and it really does what it supposed to do!"

"This is one of my favourite creams. It's not just a regular night cream; its a night cream with a scrub! Thanks to this, I always wake up with fresh and beautiful skin."

"I start my morning skin care routine by using this serum. It perfectly hydrates my skin and you can put makeup on top of it without any problems. Most importantly it’s anti-ageing, and my skin looks amazing every time I use it."

"I’m a big fan of Glamglow! Its products are amazing and its eye cream is one of my favourite products. Its aim is to illuminate, brighten dark circles and reduce signs of fatigue. It works magic and it smells beautiful."

"This facial oil is the perfect product if you want to do a short facial massage. It spreads easily but doesn't leave an oily layer on the skin. Marine collagen is ideal for mature skin. I use it interchangeably with the Filorga cream."

Lucy Williams

"This is such a simple, light refreshing cleanser, I use this every day in the shower to keep my skin healthy. Easy and not abrasive or too rich, this has become a real go-to for me."

"I use a vitamin C serum every single day; it's as much a part of my routine as moisturiser. Oily in texture but sinks in super quickly, this morning serum adds a bit of a healthy glow while also working to keep my skin dewy and protected throughout the day."

“This is packed with hyaluronic acid to help your skin hold onto moisture. I always use this on a long flight and throughout the winter. Followed by a moisturising mask or thick moisturiser, this is great for fighting dryness.”

"I always have a massive one of these that I use every evening to take my makeup off with. I switched to using washable, reusable cotton pads too, which makes the whole process feel much less wasteful. I'm lazy and really hate having to wash my face to take mascara off but face wipes are the devil so this is a must. I always take the mini Garnier one with me when I'm travelling too."

"Full of food-grade organic cold-pressed oils and botanicals, this serum feels like the ultimate skin food and really leaves my skin feeling super nourished and hydrated come morning. I use it under a good night cream like Caudalie or Sarah Chapman."

Monikh Dale 

Monikh wears this long-time classic day and night, despite the name. "It's the only thing I'm religious about. I'm obsessed", she says. "It really helps the texture and brightness of my skin." Sign us up. 

A charcoal mask is always a great go-to detoxifier. Monikh says she loves this to "pull out all the gross stuff" which builds up so easily from pollution these days.  

"This is the best lip balm on the market," so Monikh says. According to her, it works even in this cold weather, so it's a year-rounder. Just what we need right now. 

For those with blemished or scarred skin, this ones for you. "Expensive, but worth it for the scar-fighting power, plus it gives a cool Power Ranger look," she says. 

Monikh uses this just before a night out when she's feeling "bougie" and wants something extra special to prep her skin. Perfect for the Christmas season. 

Lindsey Holland

Lindsey uses this for all and every skin trouble she has. "It's the perfect multi-function product,", she says, which sounds right up our street. 

"I'd have to take an SPF to a desert island, I presume it'd be hot!" says Lindsey. She's not wrong, but this lightweight SPF is also great for everyday wear to prevent signs of ageing and protect the skin from harmful rays. 

Lindsey never goes anywhere without it, and neither should you. 

We totally agree with this last pick. We can't live without Boy Brow either and we don't know a makeup bag that doesn't contain it these days. Let us all live by Lindsey's mantra: "If my brows are done, then I'm done." 

Ellie, @SlipIntoStyle

"This is my favourite cleanser even though it's a bit on the pricey side. It feels so luxurious though and smells delicious. It's the perfect first step in my cleansing routine."

"I recently discovered Bjork and Berries Rescue Balm and I love using it as a lip balm. It's a very thick texture, which means it's rich and hydrating, plus it's made of natural oils only,"

"This hand cream is a staple for my very dry hands, especially in those harsh winter days."

"This cult product remains a favourite of mine because of the gel formula. It's transparent, it feels light on the skin, it's very easy to apply and doesn't leave any white marks." 

"This product works wonders on the occasional zits I get. I religiously apply it to the problematic area on my face twice a day and in four days top, no more spots!"

Bettina Looney

"I live by Susanne Kaufmann's products," Bettina says. This light face fluid for after cleansing is one of her favourites. 

"This is another of my couldn't-live-without products from Susanne," she says. A light fluid perfectly suited to normal and combination skin and well worth the price tag, according to Bettina. 

"Nataliya is an amazing facialist and she's recently brought out her own line of all-natural products, I use this moisturiser every day."

Bettina says, "I can't get enough of Dr. Barbara Sturm's products." She has most of her serums, but this calming product that eases redness and irritation from jet lag and sleep loss is the one on her shelf that is almost run out. 

Bettina says she loves this brand and the Ice Roller in particularly, "works wonders". Not only is it effective, it's also budget friendly. We'll be snapping up this cult product immediately.