Fashion Hoarding 101: What to Keep and What to Toss

If your overstuffed closet makes you a contender for the TV show Hoarders, allow us to help you streamline your collection. We’re the first to admit that we have mild to moderate hoarding tendencies when it comes to our wardrobes, but the truth is your style—and peace of mind—will benefit from a good closet cleaning. Today, we’re bringing you the ultimate guide to fashion hoarding. Scroll down to learn what’s worth keeping, and what you should really toss, sell, donate, or hand-down already! 

Keep cashmere.


The Fashion Guitar

Cashmere actually softens over time and holds up well over the years with proper care. Just one of the reasons why it’s worth the investment! 

Unless your old sweater has aged so perfectly that it looks like it could be from Iro, toss it. 

Keep classics.


Could I Have That?

Classic pieces, such as loafers, tweed anything, and pencil skirts, never go out of style, so as long as your pieces are in good condition and fit well, we approve of holding on. 

Hoarding shoes that are more than one size smaller or bigger than your feet? Pass them along to someone who could actually benefit. Your foot won’t be shrinking or growing any time soon. 

Keep simple leather bags.


Stockholm Street Style

Leather handbags are often an investment, so as long as you didn’t splurge on something too trendy, you should be able to wear them for years to come. Unless you’re really over the style, keep. 

Holding on to one or two as sleepwear or for sentimental value is fine, but if your stack of t-shirts is taking up a ton of dresser space, it’s time to curate. 

Keep denim.


Adam Katz Sinding of Le21ème

Denim is an easy material to alter, so hold on to jeans, as long as they fit your waist, and jackets, as long as they fit your arms. Next time a big denim trend rolls around, take a trip to the tailor. 

Have you ever bought something that’s just a tiny bit too snug, but planned to wear it once you lost those last five pounds? Pass on it while it’s still in style. You deserve to wear something that fits your figure just as it is.

Keep designer shoes.


Maja Wyh

As long as they’re in good condition, we suggest holding on to your designer shoes. They may be worth something one day, and in the meantime, you can always start wearing them in stylish new ways. 

Toss any cheap, clunky heels you may have purchased on a whim, or simply to match with a dress at the moment. They won’t stand the test of time, and likely aren’t very comfortable to begin with.

Keep leather belts.


Fashion Vibe

Leather belts tend to look even better with a little bit of wear and tear. As long as it’s real leather, hold on to your belts and wait for them to achieve that perfect vintage-inspired vibe. 

Keep skirts with potential.


Stockholm Street Style

With every season, there’s a popular new skirt hemline or silhouette, but the fabrics and colours often stay in style. Unless a skirt is skin-tight, keep it, because with a few simple alterations you can make one feel totally new. 

Unlike skirts, pants are trickier to alter. Sure, you can take up a hem or do a bit of tapering, but it’s difficult to really change up the style of a pair of pants. If they simply look dated, you should probably part with them, especially styles like pedal pushers, harem pants, or even your old work trousers.

Keep oversized blazers.


Stockholm Street Style

Even if a blazer doesn’t have the perfect fit, an oversized one can easily be altered or simply worn over your shoulders. 

If something’s been sitting in your closet waiting to be taken in for alterations for over a year, odds are you just don’t like it that much, so let it go. 

Keep real jewellery.


Berta Bernad

Real jewellery is worth keeping, especially if a piece is a family heirloom or has special significance to you. The value will only increase over time!

Of course, you’ll still want to hang on to some costume jewellery, but if certain pieces look more fitting on your niece, it’s probably no longer age-appropriate and should be donated or handed down to someone else. 

Keep silk scarves.


Style Du Monde

Silk scarves are one of our favourite, most versatile accessories. Whether you wear one around your neck, tied around a purse handle, as a headband, or even as a belt, you can always find a purpose for a silk scarf. 

Keep timeless prints.


Gastro Chic

Some prints, such as animal, plaid, pinstripe, and floral, always rotate back in style, so if you own quality pieces with an ageless feel, hold on to them, and more importantly, wear them!  

A.L.C Legends Silk Dress ($695) in White & Black Leopard

Let’s face it, not all prints are timeless. Aztec? Kaleidoscope? You can do without those. If that once-trendy top has been sitting in your closet for six months without you wearing it, odds are you won’t be bringing it back into rotation.

Keep watches.


Blame It On Fashion

Watches are classic accessories usually safe from ever-evolving fashion trends. Even if your watch band looks like it’s seen better days, you can swap it out for a new one for far less than the price of a brand new timepiece.

Daniel Wellington Sheffield Watch ($229) in Silver

Are you a fashion hoarder? Tell us what you can't bear to part with in the comments below.