12 Fashion Hacks You've Never Heard Before (But Need To)

Here at Who What Wear, we consider ourselves hack experts of sorts—whether it's how to fix scuffed boots or the sercret to dealing with those ultra-annoying knots that form in your necklaces, we're always happy to share the easy fixes. After all, our goal is to empower you to be the best version of yourself—which, we know as well as anyone, can be a challenge as life gets busy.

So, as a follow-up to our popular post from last year detailing a ton of hacks that will help you clean, upgrade, and organise your wardrobe, we did some digging to come up with even more under-the-radar hacks you've probably never heard before. From how to use vodka in your closet (yes, really) to the genius way to wash silk at home, we got you.

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