Experts Tell Me This Is the Best Strapless Bra That Exists

Backless bras that actually work seem like a real rarity. Surely it would be more comfortable and less of a faff to go completely sans bra? And while I say do whatever makes you feel comfortable, as someone with a DD cup size, going without support just isn't an option. But at this time of year when there are backless tops, jumpsuits and dresses everywhere for party season, there is definitely a need for backless solutions. A few months ago when I was testing the best bras for fuller busts, I spoke to bra-fitting experts at Selfridges. Clare Bosche, who has fitted over 1000 women, told me that Fashion Forms is one of the best-selling brands they stock. She revealed that not only does the brand have a brilliant range of different styles (lace, push up, nude and black), some styles even go up to an H—ideal for those with bigger busts. If you're hunting for a backless bra this season, keep scrolling to see the range from Fashion Forms...

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