How Football Became My Unexpected Portal Into Fashion

Let me get this out of the way now: I don’t really like football shirts. Even if I consider myself to be a diehard football fan and have founded a female-focused fashion and football platform called Season Zine. I’d much rather throw my Chelsea FC scarf over my shoulders (an eagle-eyed find at a Berlin thrift store) or slip my club beanie over my braids on my way to Stamford Bridge or Sziget. Shirts just fit me awkwardly, as I’m almost six feet tall with small boobs, a well-defined waist and hips. They’re also much trickier to style and are more technical overall—especially for someone who hasn’t worn jeans in almost 10 years. In lieu of a football shirt, I’ve been known to put Chelsea blue in my hair and wardrobe instead. In fact, one of my greatest vintage finds was a 1990s CFC shirtdress. God forbid anyone else marks my Mansur Gavriel bucket bag with a blue interior.

So this year’s World Cup has been a fluky anomaly for me—on and off the pitch. With England’s men’s team getting to their first semifinal since 1990 (the year before I was born) and the fact that I can honestly say I’ve never worn so many football shirts in my life. I reckon I’m smiling extra wide in the Nike England campaign because the training top design is unexpectedly so great.

“It’s been so nice to pull out my collection of England shirts, sporting a different look for each game,” says Trisha Lewis, Romance FC manager and freelance stylist whilst reflecting on a memorable, meme-filled month of football. And I agree—although, my own collection of jerseys has only expanded from the grand total of one: a French shirt that I feel I can never wear, as marvellously navy and minimal as it is. (I’m not French.) I’ll display it in my future home instead.