I'm a Fashion Editor, and These Are the Stylish Exercise Buys I Rate

The world of activewear—or, as they said in the ye olden days, gym kit—hasn't always been a particularly stylish one, and why should it be? More so than most other categories of clothing, it exists to serve a practical purpose, and that is to get you from A to B, whether that's a 10k amble in the countryside or a bass-pumping, 45-minute HIIT workout. However, I can't deny that, as someone who thinks and writes about fashion for a living (read: likes pretty things), I have found that the influx of style-savvy workout wear over the last few years has acted as added motivation to get my bum off the sofa and out the front door.

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This desire only increased during lockdown last year, when going for runs became one of the few activities to do on a blank Sunday afternoon. It confirmed that, in fact, I haven't been dressing for other people this whole time. Rather, putting on activewear that appeals to my aesthetic sensibility was, and still is, both a motivator and mood booster.

Alongside the many design-savvy styles now offered up by big-name sports brands such as Nike, Lululemon and Sweaty Betty, there are also plenty of high-street brands and lesser-known names getting in on the activewear action. Arket has been one such brand that has really combined form and function with its yoga line, which comes in the chicest colourways. There are also labels such as Vaara and The Upside that are specifically catering to a more fashion-savvy audience. I'm obsessed with the latter brand's ombre tracksuits, which will look just as good with a trench coat and boots as they will for a workout. Scroll down to see and shop my full activewear edit. 

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I love Arket's clean-lined outwear.

For those who crave neutrals over neon.

The ombre effect makes this such a standout style.

Patagonia not only offers high performance, but it is also a sustainable brand.

Well done, Sweaty Betty, on this stylish green sweatshirt.

Your workout kit's answer to this season's monochrome trend.

This would make such a nice pairing with the above sports bra.

ASOS has a really great selection of Nike workout pieces.

I wear these all. the. time—not only for exercise but also for working-from-home days.

Sage green is everywhere right now, and I can certainly understand why.

The fleece trend will also cater to all your workout needs while the weather remains chilly. 

Damson Madder is the lesser-known sustainable brand that happens to do the nicest gym set.

This is one of my favourite sports bras.

Check out Nimble if you're looking for stylish yet classic sweaters.

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