Fashion Eccentrics Who Embody Spring's Top Trends

Eccentrics don’t play by the rules and they certainly don’t keep one eye on the trends. Truly madcap stylers are oblivious to the shifting sands of time and their look (on any given day) tends to remain recognisable throughout the decades. But there’s something about those women—the ones who wouldn’t be complete without a turban here, a brooch there, a silk printed scarf anywhere—that feels so right for now.

After season upon season in a modernist desert, the magpie has been set free: You can, if you want to, accessorise like you’ve never accessorised before (Gucci says so). You can layer like mad (just look at Miu Miu’s multi–pile-up). You can wear old with new, big with small, silly with serious… It’s a season where the number one rule is: There are no freakin’ rules.

But if you are looking for some guidance, let these women be your sartorial leaders. Scroll to shop the key pieces to get the kooky look locked down…