3 Fallback Fashion Classics Every Woman Should Invest In

In our January content series How to Get Dressed Again, Who What Wear UK is all about the idea that it's not about a “brand-new you,” but a “best you—full stop.” Emerging out of hibernation and back into normality only to own every room, we're looking at the methods, ideas, tricks and inspiration that guide you into 2018 in the softest, calmest and kindest-to-yourself ways. Forget fads and racing to the finish line. This is all about one clever step at a time and setting yourself up for an entirely stylish year.

Try to imagine what you’ll be wearing 10 years from now. Difficult, isn’t it? However, I do know what I wore 10 years ago and still covet today. There are many fashion classics one could call upon: Breton tops, skinny jeans, ballet pumps and so on, but a few investment pieces stand the test of time better than others. Some can, quite literally, run out of steam: We’ve all worn a great pair of shoes to death.

There are a few style essentials that straddle every kind of personal style, and most often, these stem from a core, iconic archetype at the very centre of the movement. Take luxe black leather handbags, for example: That world wouldn’t exist without the classic Chanel 2.55.

So I had a good, long, hard think about what really is a fashion classic in my book, and I’m sharing them with you below, along with shoppable options for the here and now (should you not have such vital garments and accessories in your closet already). Keep reading to see the three items you’ll lean on time and again.

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