Meet Some of the Hardest-Working People in Fashion


Adam Katz Sinding of Le 21ème

As a fashion editor, I’ve learned over time just how vital social media can be to the success of a story and an overall brand. While my prior experience led me to see it as a fun, lighthearted addition to original content, I’ve since realised that it’s so much more than that—and that it takes a lot of work.

Although there are many challenging jobs in the fashion industry, especially those that deal with the actual production of clothing and accessories, I would argue that social media editors have it the hardest on the editorial side. It’s these ladies and gents who work the most hours (including weekends) and who the rest of the edit team depends on most in terms of their stories’ performance. Add to that the responsibilities they hold with advertisers, and you can bet they have a full plate.

But many people outside of the industry are still surprised by this, so I rounded up some of the top social editors in the game to reveal what really goes into their jobs. (Spoiler alert: It involves less sleep than the rest of us are getting, a tonne of data, and a heavy dose of the Kardashians.)

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