Forget Qualifications: Which Fashion Job Actually Suits Your Personality?

Having now worked in the fashion industry for a decade, I’ve come to a conclusion: Certain personalities are suited to certain jobs within this ecosystem. I, for example, wouldn’t be a very good PR employee. You have to be comfortable with chasing people in the same instance as tactfully turning others down. I make it sound bad—it isn’t—but I’m simply aware that I’m potentially not pushy enough to be a successful PR rep in this crowded environment. I’m more suited to being a journalist: I’m curious by nature, and I’m always willing to lend an ear (or a shoulder). I do, however, hugely appreciate the millions of times PR reps have reached out to me to make exciting things happen, open doors to some intriguing corners of this world and keep me abreast of the latest news—the dynamic of these different characters makes the industry go round.


Maybe being a visual merchandiser could be your bag, a trend predictor perhaps or how about stepping into the role of a personal shopper? If you’ve been wondering which fashion job suits your sensibilities and skills, keep on reading. We sought firsthand advice from the brilliant people we know who work in the many facets of the modern fashion business to find out the traits you might need, the misconceptions about each role and whether you need any actual qualifications to succeed.