Your Next Great Outfit Will Be Found in These 10 Fashion Blogger Looks

From perfect off-the-shoulder tops to the kind of hot-weather looks that carry you through the working week without breaking a sweat, PJ sets you can smarten up and wear in public, or maxi dresses that look entirely modern, our style blogging troops have been really pulling some excellent looks out of the bag this past week. 

If you're in need of a summertime reboot, or if you're simply looking for a fresh weekend vibe, here's a solution—make that 10 solutions. We've selected a handful of the freshest new ensembles from across the international style blogging network to give you a few choice ideas for re-styling—or maybe even a purchase or two—because that's not frowned upon here.

So scroll through the gallery to see which summer outfits we've given the thumbs up to—and shop for a key piece to nail each look for yourself.