10 Fashion Girls With the Best Swimwear Collections

Fashion bloggers' best swimwear brands act like a sartorial summer pillar, propping up an entire hot-weather wardrobe. How can one possibly holiday (or Instagram) without them? But this isn't always the case for all of us. Because when it comes to pre-holiday planning, many of us tend to leave bikini shopping as close to our flight time as possible to avoid the frustrations that often come with stripping off in a poorly lit changing room. I’ll just pop into a store on my local high street the day before—it will be easy, we tell ourselves, often living to regret it when stood in the boarding queue with the same bikini you’ve brought for the past four years… And you didn't even like it much the first time around.

If you’re looking to get ahead with your swimwear shopping and would like to try something new, we have turned to 10 fashion bloggers and influencers who happen to 1.) go on some of the best beach trips that have ever hit Instagram and 2.) wear anything but a plain black bandeau. These are the people who have championed some of the biggest swimwear labels and helped make them a "thing," such as SameSwim, Marysia and Onia.

See below for the 10 influencers and fashion bloggers' best swimwear brands (and shop the key pieces)