The Best Dress I Ever Bought: 6 Stylish Girls on That Golden Buy

What is your best dress? It’s quite a difficult one, isn’t it? There are plenty of dresses we love at first sight—and that’s why we buy them so easily and happily—but it’s hard to know which ones will stand the test of time in order to get BDF (best dress forever) status and give us wear after wear. 

It's almost an art form in itself, so if you haven't found yours yet, we asked five fashion insiders to share their best dress to date to inspire you—revealing the backstory behind where it's from, why it was bought and how it earned such a coveted accolade. Keep scrolling for six fashion insiders and the best dresses they ever bought…

Do you have a favourite frock? Let us know in the comments box below ,and shop more pretty dresses if you haven't found a dream version yet.