Whatever Your Vibe, These 10 Outfits Will Recharge Your Style Batteries

From wearing that favourite slip dress in another as-yet-unchartered way to breathing a little extra life into your workday trouser suit, we've found 10 new and super-charged fashion blogger styling ideas that we guarantee will act as a Duracell bunny on your wardrobe—no matter what your personal style.

Sometimes a mini closet overhaul can be as simple as reconfiguring the combinations you lean upon. For example, choosing a pair of shoes you wouldn't usually think of wearing with your old maxi or midi dress could be the pivotal thing you need to do in a pinch: A girl's au courant choices run between bright leather loafers and ankle boots through to sneaks. Or perhaps it's about being a little braver when actually getting dressed: Undo a button here or there on your shirt and wait to see what happens…

Go through the gallery below to see and shop the most impactful updates you can insert into your own repertoire now.