Whatever Your Vibe, These 10 Outfits Will Recharge Your Style Batteries

From wearing that favourite slip dress in another as-yet-unchartered way to breathing a little extra life into your workday trouser suit, we've found 10 new and super-charged fashion blogger styling ideas that we guarantee will act as a Duracell bunny on your wardrobe—no matter what your personal style.

Sometimes a mini closet overhaul can be as simple as reconfiguring the combinations you lean upon. For example, choosing a pair of shoes you wouldn't usually think of wearing with your old maxi or midi dress could be the pivotal thing you need to do in a pinch: A girl's au courant choices run between bright leather loafers and ankle boots through to sneaks. Or perhaps it's about being a little braver when actually getting dressed: Undo a button here or there on your shirt and wait to see what happens…

Go through the gallery below to see and shop the most impactful updates you can insert into your own repertoire now.

Vintage Florals + Bright Ankle Boots


Always Judging

Everyone loves a ditsy floral, but Courtney Trop (of Always Judging) has remixed the ultra-pretty idea entirely, just by adding those bright-orange ankle boots.

These aren't the only amazing thing in Zara right now—check out this new drop.

Skirt Suit + Tee + Boater


The Fashion Guitar

Who says skirt suits have to be grown-up? Charlotte Groeneveld of The Fashion Guitar proves otherwise by pairing her silver two-piece with a motif tee and a natty straw boater.

Trouser Suit + Open Shirt + Sneaks


The Chronicles Of Her

Over at The Chronicles Of Her, we've found major inspo in order to rework a trusty trouser suit. Just add sneaks and a clutch, and simply unbutton from the bottom of the shirt up.

+ Mango Straight Suit Trousers (£30).

Topping up on your tailoring? Always a good idea.

Billowing Dress + Trainers


Darja Barranik

Accessories need not apply. Darja Barranik's dramatic dress doesn't require anything more complicated than a great pair of sneaks—allowing it to be centre stage, and coolly casual, at all times.

This dress is like a ray of sunshine in fashion form.

Flares + Button-Down + Suede Boots


The Golden Diamonds

The Golden Diamonds' Doina Ciobanu is channeling Jane Birkin in this look—and it works. Update the regular flares-and-shirt pairing with a jean belt, suede boots and a dash of insouciance.

If you're going to emulate a '70s icon, you must buy high-rise.

Babydoll + Loafers


The Fashion Eaters

Balancing out the swishy prettiness of her purple frock with high-shine flats, Tine Andrea (who blogs at The Fashion Eaters) has persuaded us that girly things can work for tomboys too. 

Skinny Tee + Mom Jeans + Espadrilles


Fashion Me Now

Nothing beats a skinny-fit striped tee, does it? Lucy Williams of Fashion Me Now keeps things on the French side of minimalist with espadrilles and straight-leg jeans.

So convincing you can say "I bought this at a thrift store" with a straight face.

Statement Blazer + Undone Shirting + Wrap Skirt


Maja Wyh

So a leopard print jacket is sassy enough, but with a leg-baring wrap skirt and an unbuttoned shirt? Maja Wyh knows that certain trends are best when approached at full throttle. Try this yourself and swap in a T-shirt if you're feeling a bit too bare.

A trophy jacket that can be handed down generation after generation.

Crew Neck + Slip + Flats


Pandora Sykes

Hadn't considered wearing posh loafers with a slinky slip dress before? We urge you to do just as Pandora Sykes has, and then wait for the smiles/compliments to arrive.

It's an actual lingerie slip—and that makes it even cooler.

Boho Blouse + Boyfriend Jeans


Peony Lim

Even the subtlest amendment to a tried-and-trusted ensemble can really make a difference—see how Peony Lim's added a softer, bohemian blouse against distressed denim? Infinitely wearable.

Add character to this piece with a vintage tan belt.

How will you go forth and re-style? Tag your look on Instagram with @whowhatwear.uk and you could end up in our gallery of favourites!

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