These 9 Incredible New Outfit Ideas Will Stop Traffic

With the cold snap shocking us into a fashion state of panic, this week has been tough on the ol' wardrobe. Layers have become non-negotiable, coats mandatory and last year's cosiest accessories need to be brought out of hibernation and kicked into action, stat. Sounds simple, but it can be mighty confusing when you've only just relented into tights and come to the realisation that Christmas (and the gift-shopping list to go with it) are fast approaching.

If you've been in a style spin and are looking for a fast-track into winter outfit excellence, then we've got a treat for you: nine great looks we've sourced from across the style blogging world to provide some start-your-engines inspiration. 

From the kind of floral prints to swap in for the colder months through to the pile-it-on plans that may even allow you to leave your coat at home, these girls have multiple answers to your every getting-dressed conundrum.

So, without further ado, let's see the most stylish ladies acing it in the November chill—and find out where they're shopping these savvy pieces.