9 Exact Items the Mega-Bloggers Make Sure They Instagram on Holiday

When looking for inspiration for your summer holiday wish list, it helps to turn to those who are lucky enough to wear clothes on a beach (practically) for a living. No, we’re not talking about lifeguards or pro surfers, but the super-blogger set who get to list travelling as a key part of their job description. Fashion blogger beach style is almost an art form in itself, but it's something that we can all adopt a slice of when heading off into the clear blue—or just looking to update your summer-in-the-city wardrobe.

The things in these girls’ suitcases have a habit of becoming cult items quickly. So what is this year’s answer to the Kiini crochet bikini? Or the personalised sun hat? We have joined the fashion bloggers on the beach (via the magic of Instagram, of course) to spot the key must-have pieces to buy for your own summer holiday.

From pom-pom baskets to embroidered espadrilles, shop the most stylish summer wardrobes of 2016 so far…