This Fall's Fashion Ads STILL Lack Diversity

The startling lack of racial diversity in fashion spreads and advertisements, as well as on runways, has long been one of the fashion industry’s most contentious issues. Unfortunately, the problem isn’t going away anytime soon. Refinery29 recently mined The Fashion Spot’s diversity report, which analysed 460 fall print ads, for the latest stats. The results? Far from encouraging.

Only 15.3% of models (including celebrities) cast were not white—a meager 0.2% increase from this year’s spring campaigns. Asian models clocked in at 6.2%, black models at 4.4%, and Latina models at 1.7%.

Though the fashion community has yet to fully embrace diversity, the report did highlight brands like Roberto Cavalli, Sandro, Lucky Brand Jeans, and Sam Edelman, which all exclusively cast models of colour for fall. Advocates are also championing the cause in other small ways—like this noteworthy Instagram project featuring models of various ethnic backgrounds. These steps in the right direction will hopefully pave the way for greater heterogeneity in ads and on runways, and finally bring us all closer to levelling fashion’s racial divide.

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