These 9 Fashion Girls Are Activists, Campaigners and Total Role Models

When I first started writing this piece, I almost instantly regretted it. What if I leave someone really important out? What if any of the girls included ended up changing their minds just after I hit publish and go back to their normal lives? What if fashion's recent political awakening (see everyone at NYFW wearing white bandanas as part of the #TiedTogether movement) is really just a cruel "trend" and not here for the long haul? Designers who have agendas outside of the normal fashion confines have always existed (Katherine Hamnett, Hussein Chalayan and Vivienne Westwood, for example), but the idea has been adopted by so many more creatives of late.

Basically, there are myriad reasons to not start talking about stylish girls who are doing good things for the world (you can imagine the potentially negative responses: "So-and-so is apparently vegan but they have been spotted buying leather shoes," or "That girl claims to be plus-size but the rumour is she's on a perma-diet," etc.), but it's important and inspiring to highlight these groundbreakers. And it's a brilliant, big, shiny sign that despite much of the Western world's current problems, disruption can lead to portions of positive change. 

So to put my fears aside, I'm asking YOU who else should be in this piece? How can we add to it to bring you a comprehensive roll-call of the cool new girls who not only look great and influence our wardrobes, but are also shaking up the way we work, communicate and think about our own, and the wider, environment? First, let's start with these nine women who are beyond brilliant. Keep reading to see the fashion activists who are making a difference, one genius Insta-post at a time.

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