Call Us OTT, but Bella Hadid's Beauty Guru Is Instagram Gold

Meet Fanny Bourdette-Donon: French It girl, PR for Dior makeup, Bella Hadid's BFF and generally insanely cool girl who we are now spending large amounts of time stalking on social media. We first came across Fanny's Instagram feed earlier this year, thanks to her friendship with the model of the moment—but let's be clear, she's so much more than one high-profile relationship.

Bourdette-Donon's personal style is off-the-scale good: Her closet walks the line between '90s minimalism and modern-day streetwear, with an understandably French lilt. Her skills with kirby grips are beyond impressive. She takes a mean selfie. And, of course, Fanny's always got the first scoop on what's happening inside Dior's beauty HQ—something any makeup fan can get on board with.

Keep reading to see some of our favourite Insta posts, and then continue to shop Fanny Bourdette-Donon's style.

Wear your straight-leg jeans long to look ahead of the pack.

We can imagine Bella and Fanny sharing this piece.

Cargo pants are undergoing a serious transformation this season.

Just as good with trackies as they are with an evening dress.

It's so '90s, and it's so tempting.

Grab the matching Bikini Briefs (£17), and book yourself a plane ticket.

Double up, and wear this with a choker for extra impact.