8 Famous Fashion Firings That Were Blessings in Disguise

Immediately after something bad happens, people love to tell us that everything happens for a reason, whether it’s regarding a big breakup or simply a mistake we've made. If you’ve been fired before, you’ve surely heard it too and probably responded with a scoff or, at least, doubted the prospect. The fact is it can be tough to see the so-called light when we’re really in the thick of a bad moment—especially if it’s something as life-altering as a forced career change.

But when we learned that even the great Anna Wintour had been fired before (see her story below) and still went on to rule the fashion world, it gave us a little faith in that oft-mentioned mantra. To give us even more confidence in our newfound belief, we dug around for stories of other major fashion players who were once fired (or, in one case, endured a significant failure) but ended up going on to bigger and better things.

So whether or not you’ve been fired or just made a mistake you fear you can’t bounce back from, let the below stories inspire you to keep fighting the good fight—something great could be right around the corner!

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