The Flat Shoe Trend Every Girl Will Be Pleased About This Autumn

We're always on the lookout for flat shoe trends here at Who What Wear because we know you love them (as do we). The latest trend that's been on our radar is actually quite classic, but the sheer number of cool girls who have been wearing loafers with more and more frequency is especially noteworthy. You might attribute it to the menswear aesthetic that's been spotted at many brands this season, or if you want to get more specific, you could chalk it up to the updated Gucci loafers that everyone has been obsessed with since their release. 

Regardless of the reason, loafers are definitely a thing for autumn, and stylish women have been thinking outside the box and wearing them in fresh, unexpected ways. To prove our point, we've pulled together our favourite recent examples of cool ways in which they have been styled by a slew of sartorial experts. Not only that, we've also found that every brand seems to be releasing its own version of the classic, comfortable shoe style, but we narrowed it down for you so you can choose from the very best to add to your collection.

To see how in-the-know women style loafers and to shop our picks, just head below. Your feet can thank us later.